Get them to the apex! Because we are all happy there!

In this ‘X’ model of employee engagement BlessingWhite explains where we (the organization and the employees) achieve our aligned goals.

We got to find the success-interface for employees and managers – so we maximize our satisfaction.

Employess got to “ACT”

  • A – Assess what means success to you (as an employee)
  • C – Communicate with your partners (managers), to clearify your Needs
  • T – Take action, because you are responsible for yourself!

Managers got to “CARE”

  • C – Coach your employees and build up a solid relationships (as a manager)
  • A – Align the daily priorities to the interests of the employees and the organizations goals
  • R – Recognize and appriciate that your employees done a good job
  • E – Engage each individual in a dialogue

Executives got to make their “CASE”

  • C – Foster a community within the organization (as an executive)
  • A – Be authentic in what you are saying for and what you do
  • S – Provide significance and give meaning in what every individual is doing for the big thing
  • E – Build up excitement to bring your organization forward



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