The problem of change

Gavin Wedell made a cute little video that explains that there is a need to change, but it is hard to handle it.

In our globalized world oganizations have to deal with continually shifting:

  • Market conditions
  • Customer demands
  • Technologies
  • Input costs
  • Competition

So organizations have to readapt their business models. But there is a problem with change: “[…] people who have been doing things a certain way for a long time […]”, do not want to do things differently.

To manage change successfully Gavin Wedell recommends

  1. Communicate the threat of not changing
  2. Involve your Team in decision makin (when possible)
  3. Minimize uncertainty
  4. Celebrate successes in moving towards the goal
  5. Keep explaining the reasons to change
  6. Be as transparent as possible

Thank you Mr.. Wedell!


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