Clean your shoes! Look at your footprint!

We are now (2012) about 7 billion human beings and we are getting more and more. Just as we, our cities are getting more and more, too – they getting even bigger and bigger.

The price of our comfortable life is the footprint we are leaving on planet earth. We consume natural resources and clean water, leave waste, create pollution and reduce the biodiversity of our ecosystem.

Definitions we need to know:

  • Environment: Nature and all the vital resources it provides.
  • Footprint: Trace left behind or deep and long-lasting mark.

Can we go back? – No! So we have to move forward! So what can we do? We can create more sustainable lifecycles which have impact on

  • the amount of water we need,
  • the amount of resources which are necessary,
  • our climate change, caused by pollution especially carbondioxides and
  • the destruction of our ecosystem.

We got to reduce our impacts by measuring, understanding and acting.

Thank you very much, VEOLIA, for this worth seeing video.


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