Who is me?

This is a really hard question to answer. Easier to answer are those questions asking for what I did and where I want to get.

What I did? As student I worked in various internships or as consultant mostly in industrial companies. In addition I were chairman in a junior enterprize called Consult One. Consult One was and is a great sandbox to learn the most important management tools. But it is not just a sandbox – it is organized like a big consultancy. Consult One has a carefully worded strategy which consists of a vision, a mission and core values. The company goals are structured (S.M.A.R.T) and all company measures depends on at least one of those goals. Processes are visualized and are integrated into a knowledge management system. All projects fullfill a project cycle and are controlled by a committee to ensure quality and collect experinces in regular after action reports. This list is far from over and so you can see – junior enterprizes are a great place to learn and by the way a place to earn some money and help other companies to get better organized.

Where I want to get? You know it, I know it – everybody needs goals to orientate in her or his life. But to be honest – I do have my goals, but I learned in the past that it is not always good to tell everbody where you want to get. Sorry, but perhaps I will publish this later.

What else is to say? I am a really honest guy. I do believe in two sentences which are important to me:

  1. The more you give, the more you get.
  2. We always meet twice in lifetime.

I think both quotes, those things I wrote in this article and of course all articles you can read in this blog are telling you a little bit of who I am.


The idea

intingili is the blog where I collect all the things which appear interesting to me.

It is about learning new things and about expanding the horizons of industrial engineers and everybody who is interested in Advanced Industrial Engineering and Organization Management.